Fall Football Food

Fall Football Food

Getting together for the big game doesn’t have to stress you or your wallet out. Let’s face it, getting together is fun, but the dent it makes in your pocket book is not!

So why not host a game party but ask everyone that will be attending to bring one ingredient from a dish you decide to make? Call it an Ingredient Party. Print out, Email, or hand-make, invitations including specific instructions for everyone so they know what to bring.

For example, if Pizza is the food of choice split up the list like this:

Crust – Host/Hostess

Pizza Sauce and Onion – Jennifer and Steve

Mozzarella Cheese – Britni

Pepperoni & Ranch Dressing – Miranda and Channing

Mushrooms & Browned Hamburger – Kim and Bruce

(2) 2 Liters of Soda – Bruno


And so on… Make sure that everyone brings enough ingredients to feed everyone who is attending.

A fun and much more affordable way to Host that party!

Article Provided by Jodi – Guest Blogger

PS – Pizza Party Tip – Use a can of biscuits (flattened out) to make individual pizzas so everyone can make their own.

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