The Restaurant Challenge: January Totals

The Restaurant Challenge: January Totals

The first month of our Financial Diet has come to a close. Meals have been cooked, tears have been shed and pennies have been saved.  It was a good month.

Overall, our results are awesome! Considering our participants cover multiple profiles (college students, married, families, empty-nesters, and single-income), we proved that everyone has a little room to improve. Now we just need to keep it up!

Something I noticed (and need to change) is my mindset of quantity vs. quality. Since I knew I was eating out less, the few times that I did eat out, I splurged. This was very counterproductive.  Ultimately, I came in under budget according to my starting average; however, I know that I can do way better and wish I had spent less (wasn’t it in November that I only spent $50 for the whole month?!?).

Counting that as a lesson learned, I’m ready for February. The short month works in our favor, but it holds the challenge of Valentine’s Day and a three-day weekend (ah, the life of a banker). Before I begin planning my strategy (and lunches) for month number two, let us check out the standings for January, shall we?

Participant Avg. Spent Spent $ Saved % Saved
Amanda C.  $166.96 $136.74 $30.22 18.10%
Cate R. $150.00 $205.63 -$55.63 -37.09%
Amanda R.  $104.63 $85.89 $18.74 17.91%
Aaron U. $96.48 $92.35 $4.13 4.28%
Scott R.  $40.57 $57.90 -$17.33 -42.72%
Ashleigh F.  $118.70 $112.89 $5.81 4.89%
Megan M. $183.34 $151.23 $32.11 17.51%
Jordan A.  $145.09 $114.47 $30.62 21.10%
Janet L. $600.00 $319.88 $280.12 46.69%

As you can see, there has been some great progress but some of us have a bit more work to do.  Need motivation? Just think about what you could do with an extra $50 a month.  Or how about $100? Being aware of exactly how much I’m spending made me realize that I would much rather spend the excess cash on anything other than FOOD!

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