The Restaurant Challenge: Beginning Stats

The Restaurant Challenge: Beginning Stats

Alright, blog followers… I’ve listed the starting spending averages for our Financial Diet participants.

Read ’em and weep.

Participant Avg. Spent
Amanda C.  $166.96
Cate R. $150.00
Amanda R.  $104.63
Aaron U. $96.48
Scott R.  $40.57
Ashleigh F.  $118.70
Megan M. $183.34
Jordan A.  $145.09
Janet L. $600.00

Good luck to everyone publicly (and anonymously) participating. We want to know how you’re doing, so feel free to leave comments along the way— the good, the bad and the ugly! At the end of the month, we will tally everyone’s spending totals for January and post the stats for all the world to see.  Then of course lather, rinse, repeat for February and March. Good motivation, aye?

Now remember, since everyone has different budgets and lifestyles, we are basing our competition off percentage saved (but you anonymous competitors out there may challenge yourself to whatever goal fits best).

We’re proud that you’re taking on this challenge to better your personal finances. What a great way to bring in the New Year!  Check back for tips and advice along the way, and definitely take a look at the ramen noodle recipes— semi-homemade recipes on a budget. Perfect for a finanical diet!

Now bust out those cookbooks and get to work!

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