Fitness – The Tech Savvy Way

Fitness – The Tech Savvy Way

Generation Y has seen the rise of technology and how it has affected Americans. For many people, technology has brought on laziness – making them out of shape. That is… until now. We can use technology to our advantage by starting a healthy, fit and active lifestyle. We see this not only in video games such as Wii fit or yoga, but also in new apps on our smartphones.  A healthy lifestyle can help us live longer and happier and also look younger later in life! 

The use of technology while exercising has never been easier than it is today. We can use it for tracking calories and watching what we eat, keeping track of pace, as well as what we listen to during our workout. With smartphone apps such as Livestrong calorie tracker or Nike + iPhone 3GS, you can track meals, calories burned, as well as the number of calories you need to gain, lose, or maintain throughout the day. You can also keep track of the type of workout and distance all in one magnificent phone. 

There has been some debate over the use of phones while running. For instance, is it more susceptible to sweat damage than an iPod or other Mp3 players? What about a GPS watch?  Some would argue that the Garmin GPS watches are far more useful for running than using any app on your phone. On, one blogger believes the use of an iPhone or smartphone is good if you’re a recreational runner, but someone who “is in it to win it” needs to use more advanced technology such as a Garmin GPS watch. Garmin watches are intended for running – plus they are waterproof and they have all the same capabilities as the running app on your phone (except tracking what you eat).  The watch can also be used as a heart rate monitor, which enables the user to have far more advanced workouts and knowledge of what heart rate zone they are in as well as where they need to be.  Another advantage of the watch is that it uses satellites to track your distance. So, you are able to use the watch for running, but also for cycling and swimming. 

Choosing between the two really depends on two main points.  What your intended use is and how much you are willing to spend.  Garmin Forerunner will clean your pocket out for about $300 while the iPhone will run you dry at about $500.

I am an extremely adventurous person and I love staying fit and active.  It’s a way of life for many of us and I love the benefits.  Most of the time I just like to slap on my $10 watch and go run.  Just me… and the road.  But on occasion, it takes a lot of motivation for me to get up and go run or ride my bike, especially when the weather is getting colder (check back for the cold weather tech savvy blog article).  Without music or my personal training device to motivate me, I may not have the energy to get up and go.

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