Cold Weather Fitness

Cold Weather Fitness

It’s getting colder, nights are getting longer, and the holiday season is upon us. These are undeniably the most frightening facts to someone who is looking to LOSE weight during the next three and a half months. When it’s cold and dark, snuggling up with a mug of hot cocoa, a cookie, and a warm blanket is the most desirable situation we can think of. Until the guilt sets in. I know I don’t feel like I’ve earned a calm and relaxing evening unless I do something to deserve it.  It’s extremely tough during this time of the year to get your behind off of the couch and your hand out of the cookie jar.  There are companies that have worked hard, year round, to keep your workouts warm during the frosty season.  

One of my favorite new discoveries is the Lobz Audio Ear warmers.  Instead of wearing small ear buds under multiple layers, try these for a change. They are actually headphones and earmuffs in one, plus they use the latest wicking technologies to keep your ears dry from sweat as well as warm!  The good thing is they will only cost you around $15!! has them for sale in a variety of colors.

Getting dressed for a winter run stinks. Period. It takes a lot longer and it’s just more of a hassle. When dressing for exercise in cold weather, think layers! Not everyone knows that there are rules – one being, cover every, single inch of your body with at least one layer when the temp is in the teens. How can we do that? Grab a beanie or your ear warmers, a neck gaiter, tights with a pair of wool underwear, a long sleeve technical shirt, an insulated vest or jacket, wool socks (, $15), plus a thin pair of mittens. People driving by you might think you look funny, but you’ll be warm!

If you feel like you’re not dressed warm enough when you step outside, then you probably aren’t. Don’t be afraid to layer more, or less, if you feel it is necessary.  Experiment to figure out what is best for you and in what type of conditions. Here is a strange tip I’ve never heard of:  rub Vaseline on your knuckles and parts of your face that are exposed to the cold so you can protect yourself from biting winds.     

Runner’s World has a guide to what is most likely the best for the average person in different cold weather conditions. Check it out!,7120,s6-240-320–13004-3-1X2X3-4,00.html

You can find insulated vests almost anywhere.  One that I have in mind that is perfect for wintertime running is the Brooks Nightlife vest (also a perfect gift for the adventurer in your life).  Since the days are getting shorter, you will probably be running in the dark, so this vest will keep you warm and safe with the bright neon colors and reflective strips.  Plus, it has a pocket for your iPod or Mp3 so you can run with your tunes and your Lobz!  Right now you can find it on so the price is just snazzy!

You may not get motivated to run outside when winds are wrenching and the cold is biting, but maybe the feeling of achievement will get you outside.  While other people are gaining weight because of the winter blues, you’re out busting it while listening to your jams.  Maybe you just like to shop and getting new running gear motivates you, or maybe it’s the crazy looks you get from the non-runners that motivate you!  Whatever your motivation is, let it encourage and inspire you.

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