Save on Halloween Costumes

Save on Halloween Costumes

Checking out local stores and browsing online, one can find all kinds of great Halloween costumes.  However; most of them come with some hefty price tags.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Halloween, but for some reason, spending $50 to $100 to be a Spartan, Pirate, or Batman for one night doesn’t seem like that wise of an investment.

Before deciding to go out and drop a lot of money on a costume, check around your house for homemade ideas.  By using items you already own, you can save a ton.  A simple homemade costume search online offers a variety of creative suggestions that are simple to make. 

One can also save by reusing and recycling.  Perhaps you have a costume you bought last year or earlier.  If so, think of ways you could turn it into another costume.  This will help stretch out your past costume investment.  You can also save by checking out local thrift stores for good pieces to add to your costume.

If there is a costume you really want and you know you can’t create it on your own; shop wisely.  Check local ads and websites for coupons and be sure to shop around.  Setting a budget up front and taking only the budgeted cash with you will also help you from going overboard on a costume you may only wear once. 

I really do love Halloween and costume parties are always a blast.  Trust me; you’ll have even more fun if you know you spent wisely on your costume.

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