Life of a Bride-to-Be : Wedding Budgeting 101 (Chapter 12)

Life of a Bride-to-Be : Wedding Budgeting 101 (Chapter 12)

Hair. Probably one of the most discouraging parts of planning a wedding in sixth months was the realization that my hair would not be the length I want it to be. Right around the time we got engaged, I chopped 2-3 inches off my hair. So now, I’ve spent all of my time thinknig about my hair… debating whether it will be as long as I want it… and what I should do if it’s not.

I finally decided there’s no way it will make it to the length I want for the hairstyle I’ve chosen. So, after much discussion with my stylist, we’ve decided I’m going to try clip-in extensions. Which is a big shocker for most people who know me. I’m fairly low maintenance and relatively comfortable going with my God-given appearance when it comes to any event, but for my wedding? I prefer that I not look like I’m all shoulders when I don my strapless dress and walk down the aisle… I can hear Brett’s thoughts now… “wow… never noticed how much she resembles a linebacker”.

Ha. Actually, I’m not sure he knows what a linebacker is… but that’s besides the point. I’m selfconcious about my broad shoulders, and longer hair means detracting from that aspect of my physique. So I went out and bought a set of extensions. My hairdresser alread cut the first set, and we realized I need another to blend them with my thick hair. So now I’m going to go get another set. While seemingly a good option, hair extensions are not cheap, so we do have to splurge a little in that area of the wedding. Looks like I’ll take some of those great savings from flowers and shift them over to hair. Luckily, I can do my own makeup!

Next challenge, please!

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