Life of a Bride-to-Be : Wedding Budgeting 101 (Chapter 10)

Life of a Bride-to-Be : Wedding Budgeting 101 (Chapter 10)

I realized the other day that it might be a good idea to figure out the music and musicians, as well as pick ushers and a sound tech for the ceremony.

I’ve heard from numerous people and read in several articles that the recommended number of ushers is 1 for every 50 guests. If we estimate that 200-250 people show up then we should need 4 or 5 ushers. However, I have also spoken to the minister and he felt that we should not have more than 4 ushers do to the size of the church and space limitations. So, after much deliberation, we finally decided on 4 ushers. I’ve emailed/called all of the men we chose and all have agreed to do it. Check.

As for the music, I tried to figure it out on my own, but didn’t get anything accomplished. With input from both my mother and future mother-in-law as well as friends… it became rather jumbled. Plus, most of the people giving me advice are not musicians or musically inclined. So, I set up an appointment with my sister’s boyfriend. He’s an accomplished handbell ringer, a vocalist, and has been very involved in musical things since a young age. He’s also already scheduled to sing at his cousin’s wedding this summer.

So what did we decide on? Two country numbers… “Keeper of the Stars” by Tracey Byrd and “I’ll Still be Loving You” by Restless Heart. My three aunts, and one cousin, will be doing a rendition of the first song and making up their own harmonies, while Aaron will find his arrangement of the other. All is set to go. Until next time…

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