Life of a Bride-to-Be : Wedding Budgeting 101 (Chapter 6)

Life of a Bride-to-Be : Wedding Budgeting 101 (Chapter 6)

100 Days to the Wedding!!! Here’s a list of some of the things I need to decide within the next month:

  • Music and Musicians
  • Ushers and their attire
  • Sound Tech
  • Booking of Rooms for my attendants
  • Schedule Hair Appointments for Bridesmaids and Candlelighters
  • Finalize Invite Design and Have them Printed
  • Buy: Tablecloths, Cups, Plates, Napkins, Silverware (plastic of course)
  • Fix the Altar Arrangement – since we didn’t secure it well the first time it fell apart. Luckily we found out with plenty of time to fix it. This is one of the perks of doing the flowers myself!
  • Mock the Reception table decorations and take pictures so the girls know what to do on D-Day
  • And finally… we need to plan the honeymoon!

More info to come on all of these things and more!

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