Life of a Bride-to-Be : Wedding Budgeting 101 (Chapter 4)

Life of a Bride-to-Be : Wedding Budgeting 101 (Chapter 4)

I never got a budget number from my mother (who insists she and Dad are paying for anything they possibly can). So, I’m going to plan this puppy based on the amount I’d be willing to pay for a wedding if I were in the shoes of my parental units. I’m going to pick a nice round number… $10,000… (at less than half of the “average”) and show you that it’s possible to plan a very nice wedding on a limited budget. No sense in going broke over one measley day of your life. A wedding is about marriage to a person you love… not the most expensive wedding Mommy and Daddy (or anyone else for that matter) can buy.

Things I plan to include in my budget:

  • All of the wedding party attire
  • Wedding party gifts
  • Ceremony costs (including officiant, music, and other essential parties)
  • Reception (Cake and Dinner for 250 people)
  • Flowers
  • Invitations

Things I don’t plan to include in my budget:

The only difference between this money-saving list and mine… is that I’m just flat out not doing many of the things listed (with the exception of designing my own album). Ha… if at first you can’t make it affordable… then do without!

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