Not Your Average Secret Santa: Unique and Budget-Friendly Gift Pairings

Not Your Average Secret Santa: Unique and Budget-Friendly Gift Pairings

I enjoy doing creative pairings for Christmas gifts. My favorite thing to do is pick a quirky kitchen item and provide the ingredients to utilize it. Gifts like these are easy to personalize, but also work great for Secret Santa exchanges where the recipient is unknown. What I love most about these combos is that they easily fit within a $20 budget, and some could even be purchased for $10 or less.

Check out the list below and use it as inspiration for your own gift purchases. You’ll notice my list has mostly food-related pairings, but I’ve also thrown in some ideas for the non-foodies out there. Be creative with your combinations and budget. Small appliances, gadgets, and seasonal items are targeted for sales, so look for them! Happy shopping!

  • Waffle maker; mix and syrup
  • Coffee cup; gourmet coffee beans
  • Coffee grinder; gourmet beans
  • Frosted mugs; old fashioned root beer
  • Teapot; fancy tea bags
  • Rolling pin; cookie cutter
  • Icing kit; sugar cookie mix
  • Corkscrew; wine
  • Glass pitcher; lemons
  • Lemon squeezer; lemons
  • Colander; spaghetti noodles, sauce
  • Soup mug; instant soup mix
  • Loaf pan; bread mix
  • Popcorn maker; kernels, popcorn seasoning
  • Garlic press; fresh garlic
  • Candy dish; hard candies
  • Ice cream scoop; sundae toppings
  • Apple corer/peeler; caramel dipping sauce
  • Grill brush; gourmet barbeque sauce
  • Cheese slicer; gourmet blocked cheese
  • Mini Crock Pot; cheese dip ingredients
  • Cutting board; paring knife
  • Filtering pitcher; water bottle
  • Ice bucket; ice trays
  • Pie dish; pie server
  • Kitchen timer; oven mitts
  • Kitchen shears; indoor herb plant
  • Movie; boxed candy
  • Magazine subscription; slippers
  • Blanket; book
  • Book light; book
  • Stationary; stamps
  • Journal; nice pens
  • Piggy Bank; roll of coins
  • Manicure set/nail polish; polish remover
  • Hair towel; conditioning treatment
  • Aromatherapy oil; massager
  • Ice scraper; de-icer spray
  • Car wash tokens; microfiber towel

Any creative gift pairings you’re doing this holiday season? Help a Wingman out and share it!

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