Cheap, Easy Meals 101: Ramen Noodle Ins and Outs (Chapter 1)

Cheap, Easy Meals 101: Ramen Noodle Ins and Outs (Chapter 1)

Say you’re in college… Eating home cooked meals or going out to eat every night is not an option, but think about how cheap you can get Ramen. Now we’re talking! There are some really easy ways to jazz up your typical noodle-and-seasoning packet with real meat and veggies as well as anything else you can get your hands on at the store for an affordable price. Check back periodically for more sweet Ramen recipes that will help save you money and put food in your tummy!

Tex Mex Ramen

1.   Brown 1 pound ground beef/turkey… etc.
2.   Stir in 1 package taco seasoning mix and boiled Ramen.
3.   Place on serving dish.
4.   Lastly, top it with the goods – tomato, onion, cheese, and of COURSE, some crushed nacho-cheese Doritos!

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